Make the Life awesome!

Getup and rise Before time flies Happiness must be chosen Letting negativity loosen Let the world bow For the way you love Train the mind To always be kind Never ever forget All we have is present Make it count Without a doubt It’s no good to cry Instead, focus to try Don’t let the […]

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The Better “You” Fudge

Beginning of every damn year, New number in calendar just appear. Resolutions make a grand entrance! Which after a while, become a remembrance. Memberships increase at Gym & other Fitness centres. As most of us start our staying healthy “venture” With the passage of every new day, Every single excuses makes it’s own way. So […]

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Roller Coaster Ride of Career

Rubbing eyes along with soundful yawning, We pull ourselves up in this winter morning. Even though there’re same old clothes on the hook, We always want to have the stunning professional look! Coping to be on time, for the duty We rush to eat something healthy As we pack the whole day’s food stock , […]

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Human “Nature”

Since the birth, humans are tamed. To lead a life, which is already framed! All that we always look for is, comfort. Irrespective of whatever that we might hurt! We care a lot about traffic free roads Trees cut for this purpose, are loads! We might be a sophisticated Metropolitan But to live what we […]

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Modern Slavery

Here arrived The 21st Century. Establishing itself through grand entry! Penetrated, the “Conqueror” gently. Who had the popularity barely . He called himself “The Internet” And become era’s significant asset. As the time flew, Everything seemed to feel new. Every person turned into a “surfer” Who knew this might lead to suffer!? As browsing became […]

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Generosity Redefined

There are too many ears , yet there are very few people who truly listen to what others tell. We all want to talk everything out, express ourselves, lay out our opinions, or even spill out words when in anger! In the world of people who use their mouth more than ears, there are few […]

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Treasury of Memory

When someone asks me, “what’s your best memory?” I get all excited to open the “childhood treasury!” Those were the days with least responsibilities, And never feared about future possibilities. We played hide and seek in the evening, It was hard to hide with all the mosquitoes sting! Mr. Bean made us laugh every night, […]

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Peaceful Warrior

When everything was falling apart Situations wanted to break the heart! Almost drowned in the sea of sadness Unable to get out of all these madness Negative thoughts formed a storm That was the crucial time to reform Shouted out the mind to shut up Screaming to sky, never give up Reassuring ourself not to […]

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The 3A rule of peace

Universal solution for most of the problems in life is Acceptance I call these the 3A rule Acceptance 1 Everyone cannot understand everything , be it closer ones or other ones And that’s okay because we are all human beings and everyone has their own understandability Acceptance 2 We can’t have people to be there […]

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